Why small details in images can make a huge impact

What is really needed for an image to be remembered? The purpose of a commercial picture is that it should attract attention and if you ask me that also applies to portraits. Portrait photos are something that are often forgotten, the focus is often on the campaign images. It’s often simple images that are used to “present” the employees. Portrait photos can be just as fierce in making an impression as awesome advertising images.


Porträttbild på lastbilstvättare
A retouched picture of truck wash attendants with sponges and scrubbing brush ready to do their job. Note how the lighting behind the person highlights a dramatic feeling of the image. With simple details you can convey the message of the image.

Direct the image towards your target audience

You need to find your target audience and understand what makes them “tick”. These sample images have truck drivers as their target audience where you can use a tougher jargon without being prejudiced. Therefore, we produced pictures with a little tougher attitude. The message is “we’re the best to wash your truck, we aren’t afraid to get dirty.” LP Truck Wash has one of Sweden’s most modern facilities – that’s why I produced images that are crisp and bright.

Retuscherad porträttbild på lastbilstvättare
By using props and setting a tougher tone which these images convey, LP Service can deliver the message of the image with simple details.

Attract your viewer’s gaze

If you’ve read other articles here you know what I think about reality, it’s pretty boring. Images that go beyond your imagination tend to attract glances. Use colors that are a little surreal, use exciting lighting, colors and shapes. Commercial images don’t have to be boring and just display something. Commercial images can be artistic and simultaneously convey messages effectively. If there is one thing I figured out after a long time in the industry, it is that imagination attracts attention. People want to be entertained, it’s about doing what’s unsexy, sexy.

Retuscherad porträttbild på lastbilstvättare
A truck wash attendant with the water scraper ready just like a gladiator. See how the bright areas of the person and especially on the plastic creates a cool effect in the image.
Retuscherad porträttbild på lastbilstvättare
Truck wash attendant ready with degreasing. Instead of having a clean and new t-shirt on we soaked them down and used the foam to create a better feeling in the image.
Retuscherad porträttbild på lastbilstvättare
Earmuffs and crossed arms, here we go! Note how all the bright areas, such as the face, cheeks, nose and arms are reinforced and that the shadows under the arms and the earmuffs are made darker in order to create drama.
Retuscherad porträttbild på lastbilstvättare
A picture of a truck wash attendant who’s not afraid to get himself dirty. Sponge and car wash shampoo in his hand. The props are small details that make the picture so much better as a whole.
Retuscherad porträttbild på lastbilstvättare
A truck wash attendant with chamois leather. Note how everyone in the series have different poses to build a character in the image. Each person is different and look different depending on how they stand.
Retuscherad porträttbild på lastbilstvättare
A truck wash attendant with a washing brush and foam. Images before and after retouching.

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