This is probably one of those articles that you don’t want to hear about, but need to hear about because it’s the hard truth. Have you ever been scrolling on Behance, 500px or Fstoppers thinking: “Why CAN’T I get those great idéas for my images?” or “Damn, I had that same idea, why didn’t I execute it?”. And you have probably thought that “Why do these published images get so much attention? Hey, they are not even hard to create, I could do that!”. Does it feel like you have the potential to create SUPER images, but you never get the right idéas for personal projects or for that matter, idéas for clients projects? The solution is having the right mindset.

Mindset is the key

There are two kinds of mindsets. The first one is Fixed Mindset and the other one is Growth Mindset. Fixed Mindset is basically when you believe that you are who you are and you can’t change that , which also means that you believe that all those famous photographers were born with their “talent”. The Growth Mindset is the opposite where you believe that you can learn everything if you practise hard enough. Of course you can have a Fixed Mindset in some areas and a Growth Mindset in others, for example if you have a really bad experience from your childhood if someone told you how bad you are at something, that could make you think “I’m not good at this” even as an adult today, the opposite to “I’m not good at this YET”  in the Growth Mindset. (see the difference, YET= you can become good at this)

The road to creativity is trough personal development and by educating yourself and of course training hard. Find joy in learning new stuff and don’t just focus on the end goal.

A Fixed Mindset blocks your creativity

IF you have a Fixed Mindset, you somewhere deep down believe that you can never have super-creative ideas because you have decided that you were not born with that skill. You don’t see that you can LEARN to be creative. You might even be reading this convincing yourself that you have a Growth Mindset, even if you don’t have it. It takes a lot of insight to admit it.

This might sound like voodoo magic or some kind of cult thing, but it’s not, It’s PSYCHOLOGY. Just as you can have a headache because you need fluids or that your back can hurt because you damaged your foot as a kid your brain can have a Fixed Mindset because some trauma you experienced in your childhood. Just to make things clear, your BRAIN is controlling your BODY which EXECUTES things that gives you RESULTS of some sorts.

How to fix the problem

You might be thinking “HOW DO I KNOW if I have a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset, If I do have a Fixed Mindset how HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?”. It’s hard to get rid of “thinking problems” just by thinking, you need a professional to help you identify your mindset and to help you process it. It could be a qualified personal coach, one that can help you identify these kinds of issues. Unfortunately the coaching business today is probably just as the photography business, everyone is a photographer. Do your research, you need someone that has experience in mental coaching.

Now you might be thinking “Whoohoo I don’t need no shrink”. I hate to say it but your brain is the most important tool in your business and it’s vital that it’s not working against you. If your foot is damaged, you can’t run. If your brain is damaged (bad experiences in life, traumas, being bullied, getting neglected etc.) you can’t think straight. 

Having a Fixed Mindset can block your creativity. While you thinking “I don’t get any creative idéas” the truth is you deep down believe that you never will.

Personal Development is the key to becoming a better photographer 

I’m talking from personal experience. I didn’t just read a book on the subject and decided to write an article. In fact my personal coach and I have been working on my brain for THREE YEARS now, it has been a hard nut to crack, but the first time I EVER read about mindsets in a book was just a few weeks ago. In fact I spend around 4000 Euro every year on personal development which is a lot for a small business like my own, but it has been the best investment ever, both for my business and my personal life. In fact I get new ideas EVERY day on how to develop my business and ideas on new personal photography projects, and some of them have gone viral and been published internationally. 

Personal development together with a qualified coach will help you to gain insight into why you feel afraid of cold calling customers, why you don’t get new creative idéas, why you are not moving forward in your business, why you are avoiding certain situations that could develop your photography business or give you super-creative photography ideasI will be writing more about mindset later on, this is just the basics. Invest in YOURSELF.

Personal development is the key
Working with personal development is the key to get a Growth Mindset, a mindset that will make you generate idéas like never before.

I want to give the company ALerigo a huge thank’s for helping me with my own personal development and for introducing me to working with mindsets. This blog post is not sponsored by them, just to be clear. I want to give credit to those who help me on my journey.

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