Cool portrait images

The first thing you need to do is to decide why you or your client needs new portraits. Is it just to show who works at the company, and nothing else? Then I believe that classic simple portraits is just fine. But don’t expect your images to generate any huge value. Classical staff portraits where everyone look the same (see school photographs) may have filled a certain function like 20 years ago, but they probably wont strengthen your brand. I don’t want to miss credit anyone, I also shoot simple portraits from time to time if the customer wants that. I understand the idea that you want to show off everyone at your company, it is not always economically viable to make super creative images if you got 100+ people working in a company, this type of image has the purpose to simply show of people and nothing else.
Do you want your portraits to contribute to a stronger brand? Then your images must arouse certain emotions in your customers, they need to say something about you and the individuals in your business. To build brand in the right direction the images need to tell a story or at least convey something that adds upp to your brand. If you have cool portrait images and your customers think you are cool they will want to be associated with you, they will become more inclined to buy from you.

Group portrait of sales team that walks towards the camera in sunset.
This is an image that draws attention and it’s created of several images, a so called composite image. The people in this photo are photographed in a studio and the background is photographed on a different location. By adding images together you can convey a story, in this way your will have cool portrait images that contributes to a stronger brand.

People buy social status

It may sound strange but in most cases people buy social status or a sense of belonging when they buy your product/service. People find many excuses as to why they are buying a product, but in the end it is often social status/purpose that is the most important. They buy your product or service that later on will generate status. In my industry, this is very clear, I have many customers who order pictures, but they do not know how to use them. Often it is more important to get the pictures up on Facebook to show them to their acquaintances rather than get them to generate money on their business page. They want to show off themselves and the stylish image which gives them social status.

Portrait of legends cup race driver in sunset on racetrack
This image is produced for a legends cup race driver and he uses the image to promote himself to sponsors. The image conveys him as a winner and have helped him towards getting more sponsor. Sponsors want to be connected to him when his brand is cool.

How to get customers to buy more?

Be cool, unique and do what others don’t. Tell stories with your photos, do not just show something, tell me what you are doing and why you are doing what you are doing. People are not logical machines, they are gentle dreamers. Your customers want to be the coolest of the gang, they want status. If your brand is cool people will want to be associated with your brand. Your products/services also need to live up to some logical or technical criteria, but the desire to gain social status will still be the key argument when they buy from you, even if your customers are not going to admit it. (logical thinking.)

Studio portrait of artist with his guitar and amplifier
This image is photographed for AMP which produces music. Cool portrait image is to promote the artist behind the company. The image is a combination between a clean studio portrait and kreative message.

This image is photographed for AMP, who produces music. The picture will profile the main character and is a mix of a stylish studio picture with creative elements that convey what he’s doing. The message first!

Behind the scenes of how I produced this image



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