Better ad images with consistent style

In the advertising business, one often hears the word style, which simply means what the image expresses. It can be anything from the lighting in an image, the composition (placement of the object) different shades etc. The choice of style can change the perception of what the image conveys. You usually talk about a scale where realistic is at one end and abstract at the other.

Reklambild för täthetsprov till contestor
How Contestor got more attractive advertising images. One of the company’s business areas is density testing in buildings, which we expressed with photographing a huge house with a draft ;).

Style of the picture

Similar style in all of your pictures allow a certain personality to be associated with your brand. This allows people to easily associate the image with your brand. Consistent use of a style increases the chance that people recognise the image and connect it with your brand.

Next time you see a major advertising campaign take a look at the style. For example. Volvo uses a Swedish landscape, a specific cold hue and dramatic clouds in the sky. Nike has dark and dramatic images with a lot of shadows.

Reklambild för contestor test och mätning.
Another area of the business is testing and measurement, which we express with a giant tape measure. We keep the same style as the previous picture.


More effective images

To work with a certain style is nothing new, advertising agencies for example are working this way all the time. But if you don’t work through an agency, you might just get great shots from your photographer that doesn’t connect with one another. To create aesthetically attractive images is one thing, but to create effective images is quite another. These images are also effective since they illustrate the company’s business areas.

Reklambild för contestor projektering.
A promotional image for their business area of planning.

Does your photographer find the common thread?

Ask your photographer to find a common thread (style) through all the images. This is why proper preparation is so important, which I wrote about earlier. If you already have existing pictures, ask the photographer to continue with the same style. The sample pictures in this article are created for the company Contestor. The images have a consistent style thanks to the quality of the light, placement of people, objects and colors.

Reklambild för contestor projektering.
Another of Contestor’s business areas is energy declarations, which I have illustrated by how they measure a house with a thermal imaging camera.

Sketch images lets you see what you will get

Sketch images is something you create during the preparation of an image. Sketch images allows you to see what kind of style your images will have when they are done. This way you’ll get a preview of what it is that you really pay for. Below you can see the sketch images I created for Contestor before we started shooting.

Skissbild Contestor
Sketch image I created for Contestor before I started the production of the images. I used sketch images so they could get a sense of how the final product would look like.

All images have the same style

The consistent style continues through all the images. Even the portrait photos have the same lighting and colors.

reklamfotograf stockholm gruppbild på företaget contestor
A creative image produced for the company Contestor who operates in the construction business. The picture presents the employees in an unusual way but keeps a consistent style with the other pictures.


porträttfotograf bilder på contestor kustfiske
Portrait photo of one of the owners of the company Contestor. The company wanted a more personal presentation were the photos highlighted their specific interests – in other words more personal portraits
Porträttfotograf stockholm contestor dykning
Another personal portrait image for Contestor.

See how we produced these images

Behind the scenes picture of how I produced this image.

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