Advertising images that is more effective and awesome

Traditionally when working with advertising images, you need to shoot at the right time of day to get the right light, select the right day when the weather is nice and shoot at the right place to a nice environment. It’s a time consuming and tedious work even if everything works seamlessly. The methods I have used to develop DHL’s advertising image is advanced retouching and photo compositing. In this way ou get effective and more awesome advertising images

Advertising image of a yellow DHL tryck cruising on a road in sunset.
This advertising image is created with photo compositing, the image is built up with several images (background, truck etc) which  cuts time and costs and sometimes, technically makes the impossible possible.

Photography of the truck

In this example a DHL truck that is not in production is expensive, therefore I needed to shoot the truck really fast. I photographed the truck at the DHL terminal where it was parked on a gravel-yard. To light an entire truck with flash units (photo lamps), I took a dozen pictures and between each picture I moved my lights. Afterwards, I pieced them together in Photoshop and now the entire truck is lit, which would have required a lot of equipment and time in one photograph.

Behind the scenes when photographing advertising image of a truck
This is a Behind the Scenes image form when I produced an advertising image for DHL. This image is one of the images that I use in a composite image where I put several images together to create a story.
Behind the scenes image advertising image of truck
This is an behind the scenes image when photographing. The image itself is grey and boring but this image is one image amongst many images put together to a creative advertising image and after retouching it looks really good.

Photographing of the background image

The good thing is that it is very flexible to work like this. The car is photographed in daylight while the background is photographed during sunset and still it is possible to adjust the images to each other so that it looks real. The background is photographed next to a beautiful country road with a farm in the distance.

Behind the Scenes from photoshoot, image used in advertising image for DHL
An image of a road that is used in a composite advertising image for DHL.

Advanced retouching of advertising images

Most people know that you can remove a lamppost that “accidentally” happened to be in the photo, or make the sky bluer – it’s like no big deal. With this article I want to show a more advanced way to create advertising images, how to pick and choose what should be in the picture, nothing is impossible. Once all elements are photographed, it is time to add the images in Photoshop. Here you have to adapt the lighting, shadows, colors, so that all elements blends together in a nice way. See some pictures behind the scenes below, as well as a short video how the image is created with layers in Photoshop.

Behind the scenes and see how the images are created


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